Wild Wings Birds of Prey is a Registered Not for Profit Organisation (13508410) and provides a  Rescue, Conservation & Education Centre for Birds of Prey.

Ian & Carole run the Centre with the help of a small group of dedicated Volunteers.  Offering a 24/7 Rescue service for Birds of Prey, both Wild & Captive Bred.

**Please note - we cannot help with birds other than Birds of Prey

- go to www.helpwildlife.co.uk for assistance with other species **

We have over 150 Birds in our care at any one time. 

We provide emergency medical treatment to give the birds the best chance of survival and regularly rehabilitate and release wild birds back to where they belong, in the wild!

Captive bred birds are often lost by owners or sometimes deliberately released.  If we can trace the owners they are reunited.  If the owner cannot be found or no longer wants the bird we will try to house the bird with us or make suitable alternative arrangements.  The birds welfare is paramount.

Our lives are crazy busy, with joys and sorrows, and a lot of hard work - would we change it - No.